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Mic Pre Audition

PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2007 5:08 pm
by Alain Benoit
For anyone interested in opinions on a few different preamps out there, all of the following preamps are readilly available on the pro audio market, in other words nothing too esoteric.

These demos all took place in Montreal. Present were myself and Andrew MacRae. This was a preamp auditioning trip from hell. We rented, borrowed, and pre-approved and purchased preamps from four different vendors.

On the hit list were these main contenders;

Great River MP2NV
Wunder Audio PAFOUR
Daking 52270B
Buzz MA 2.2
A Designs Pacifica
API 3124
Millennia Media HV3-B
Vintech X73i

We used as a source an AT 4051a on a Taylor, a AT 4050 on female vocals and a Gefell M930 on male vocals.

Unanimously with low expectations we agreed that the Daking stole the show, it kicked ass and took names in every category.

Next in line for me was the API, in a VERY close 3rd place was the Pacifica followed by the Great River.

Here is the deal on the Pacifica, real pretty sounding almost euphonic like, I guess you could say 'silky' but not so soft that it muddled up the acoustic guitar. I could see going for it in many applications. I would certainly classify it as a 'coloured' preamp. But here is the rub, NO FRIKKIN LEVEL INDICATION WHATSOEVER, not even so much as a godamn peak led.

Now the Great river has full metering at BOTH gain stages, is beutifully built and sounds great in a much more 'will excel at any task' kinda way. I can totally see it getting its job done but also getting out of the way come mixing time.

Now in the total opposite end of the spectrum came the Wunder Audio PAFOUR, loaded with ridiculous tranny generated like low end MUD. I could see using more than one channel of this on a busy mix fawking the whole thing up real fast. It could have its place once in a while but we were certainly not investing in FOUR channels of this.

One Preamp that we both agreed on as well was the Buzz MA 2.2, clean, fast, big without being thick and very revealing.

The Millennia Media was hyper clinical, not alot of fun, but true to source in a real naked way. If you want a preamp that gets out of the way completely this is the one.

The Vintech did not do much of anything with either of us but I think it was being outshined by its present company.

I wont bore you with details on the API except for to say that it aint hype, it IS what everyone says it is, PUNCHY, aggressive, alot of fun, will practically live on snare in my shop. (oops I gave away the ending here perhaps)

So I had almost pre decided before the trip that i was coming back with a Great River MP2NV for certain. Well, I came back with a Daking 52270B, a BA 11 space 500 rack with an API 512c and the Millennia Media HV-3B because it was only $1300 CDN.

I plan on adding a channel of API 512C, Pacifica, Buzz Elixir, Purple Audio 'The Bizz', Shadow Hills Mono Gamma, and two channels of John Hardy to my 500 rack if John ever releases them.

Andrew picked himself up the MP2NV and the Daking Mic Pre IV.

P.S. Once I got back and had everything installed I finally got to try the EQ on the Daking 52270B and I was blown away all over again. The EQ is almost worth the price of admission alone, the coolest EQ I've heard since I started racking Warb Beck channel strips.

P.S.S. The monitoring was done through A.D.A.M. , Dyneaudio and Genelec monitors.

If anyone needs further information on any of the above mentioned products or wants to hear or demo what I purchased feel free to reply.


PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 1:23 am
by Alain Benoit
A 500 series Great River MP-NV is scheduled out this year. I have seen the prototype, it will take up TWO spaces but that is ok my BAE Lunchbox has an eleventh space for such an occasion.

I was also talking to Alan Hyatt at PMI audio and they as well have plans for 500 series goodies in the near future. Think Valley and Trident!!!!!

Vive L'Alliance VPR.

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2007 1:32 am
by Alain Benoit
Here is a short list of some of the companies who offer product in that form factor.

1) API
2) A Designs
3) Buzz Audio
4) Purple Audio
5) Shadow Hills
6) Old School Audio
7) Brent Averill
8) Eisen Audio
9) MMT
10) Avedis Audio
11) Speck Electronics
12) Daking

Re: Mic Pre Audition

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:22 pm
by Alain Benoit