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Samson S-Phone [mod]

Postby Mathieu Benoit » Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:31 am

Got my S-Phone headphone amp last night. The individual aux ins for each channel were on the front. Same as the Behringer headphone amp. I hate unecessary cables in the front, I like doing all my patching in the back. So Al helped me route the aux inputs through the back of the unit. Using a loom that's terminated with 4 pairs of female XLR (right and left for each channel) that got hard-wired right onto the pins that the connectors in the front were connected to. All you need is to insert plugs to hit the switch and voila! 4 separate stereo headphone mixes and no messy wires. He did the same thing for his Behringer amp and actually moded Andrew's too I think.

Hardest part was making the loom. The whole job took about 2 hours in total though.

In passing the Samson is in a whole different ballpark then Behringer in terms of construction. It's evidently apparent as soon as you open it. Most of it is not surface mounted. I tried it out last night, and it's nice and clean, I could stand a bit more power in the output, but I'll always say that. It's still a budget headphone amp, but it's pretty nice for the price.

EDIT: Since Alain and Thom are MIA. I'll pull the unit apart tonight and take pictures and walk everyone through the surgery. Just because this section needs traffic too.... and it'll be fun!
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